CNWL Employment Service Harrow:
Bina’s Recovery Story (July 2022)

We began our journey many months ago. At first, we worked on the CV and had regular meetings. Then we started applying for jobs regularly. My Employment Specialist (ES) helped me get started with the Indeed and Total Jobs websites. We uploaded the CVs and also created cover letters. I wanted an active job, yet a vegetarian job as well. We phoned up vegetarian restaurants and visited some as well. I got one interview for an art store but was disappointed as they could not guarantee any number of hours. It was a tough decision to turn down the job.

One day, I was at my voluntary job and my ES phoned me saying she had found a vegan cafe that was looking for employees. I applied through Indeed and made a follow-up phone call. It turned out they wanted someone with my experience. After going for a trial shift and interview they gave me the job. Now I am working I feel much happier and find the job therapeutic as well.

Individual Placement Support (IPS)


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