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Individual placement and support (IPS) is an evidence-based supported employment model which helps people with severe and enduring mental health problems find and keep paid employment.

We all know having the right job is good for our mental health. It provides a sense of purpose, structure and routine, increases social connections and offers greater financial independence.
Our service which is funded by NHS England and is a key objective in the NHS Long Term Plan, focuses on supporting people find the right job and supporting them to make the transition from being unemployed to being employed.

For many people being in work is a vital part of their recovery and having the right job is key to being able to sustain employment. We work alongside the clinical team as well as the employer in order to make that transition as smooth as possible.

The model has been rigorously trialled and has consistently demonstrated success when compared with other supported employment models.

Here are some quotations from service users who have used IPS services:

“Going to work is the best cure or medication I can have.”

“I can’t wait to work – it will give me the structure, routine and stability I need and stop me sitting at home thinking about how ill I am.”

“It keeps you motivated and stops you losing everything it gives me hope.”

“I have no purpose if I don’t work.”

“Being at home with no job makes me feel like I am locked in a prison.”

“I really appreciate having an Employment Specialist who believes in me.”

What is an Employment Specialist role?

We are looking for a motivated, passionate self-starter who wants to kickstart a career in the mental health sector. This position, with on-the-job training, is a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference and support those with mental health needs across the North West London community.

As an IPS Employment Specialist you will play a vital role in helping people with mental health needs on their recovery journey. By working with a range of different people with mental health needs who wish to return to work to help them find meaningful and fulfilling paid employment. You will be working within a multi-disciplinary team in secondary mental health services, operating alongside them to ensure that an effective referral and information structure for the employment service is in place and co-production within the team is promoted.

When submitting a job application please ensure you proof read your application for spelling and  grammar and make sure all areas of the application are fully completed.

Please ensure the supporting statement of your application is tailored to the job description and person specification of the role you are applying for.

Starting salary from £32,720 up to £41,498 depending on base, location, and experience.

Milton Keynes salary scale £28,407 to £34,581 per annum.

Staff new to the NHS with under 2 years’ experience of delivering employment support will start at the bottom of the salary scale however complete years of relevant experience, can be recognised . For example relevant experience of two years will start on the 2nd increment which is £30,581.

NHS staff subject to Government approval can also receive a yearly pay award.

Career progression

Once you have gained experience and advanced your skills there are a range of career development and training opportunities within our Trust, where you can enhance your knowledge and also gain more responsibility by progressing into team leader or senior manager roles within the IPS service.

Click the ‘view’ button below to take a look at the job descriptions and person specification.

Expression of interest

We are now fully recruited to all IPS Employment Specialist roles across CNWL and WLT.

Please check the Nationwide vacancies below for Employment Specialist roles in other parts of England.

Listen to a day in the life of an Employment Specialist

Specialists in
 their words

“No two days are the same in the Employment Specialist role and you are constantly learning. If you are motivated by helping people this role is very fulfilling.”
- Kyri

Specialists in
 their words

“The Employment Specialist role helps bring back the spark to people’s lives. Being able to see the client’s journey from the moment they walk through the door to gaining employment is really rewarding.”
- Hema

Specialists in
 their words

“If you truly have a passion to help others the Employment Specialist is the role for you. Its an amazing feeling to help others!”
- Mitesh

Specialists in
 their words

“The NHS is an organisation that is always developing and the employment specialist role is gaining momentum getting people employment from inpatient settings and the community is a big deal!”
- Jag

Specialists in
 their words

“The Employment Specialist role is a fantastic job, very motivating, and it lives with you in all aspects of your life.”
- Tina

Specialists in
 their words

“When you see the motivation come back for clients and you see them expressing confidence, and joy at the goals achieved the Employment Specialist role is profoundly rewarding.”
- Jan

Here is what our service users who have used IPS services have to say

“I am very thankful for the help and support my Employment Specialist has given me, he has been very encouraging. I am still anxious about what is ahead but it has been very helpful to have someone so understanding help me through a very difficult time and to stay employed.”

“My Employment Specialist is the best of the best and I couldn’t ask for anyone better to help me with work and social skills.”

“The Employment Specialist service is a very good opportunity provided to people with mental health difficulties in order for them to achieve long term goals ”

“Like I said before I don’t know if I’d be where I am now without my Employment Specialist. He was more than an Employment Specialist. He was a rock while I was going through a hard time and he was so supportive and made me feel seen and heard and like I wasn’t going crazy. He showed so much compassion and kindness. I will never forget how helpful and inspiring my Employment Specialist is and I am so thankful I was able to receive help from someone like him.”

“My Employment Specialist helped me return to work after having one year off. My confidence was low and I was feeling extremely anxious about returning. My Employment Specialist supported me and I am currently back in work and doing well. She continues to check in and provide advice and encouragement. I don't think i would have returned to work without the support of this service. ”

“Found the service useful and helpful with keeping in work. I can offload my work day to her and any concerns that arise. She also referred me to Access to work which will help manage my dyslexia at work. Also she is helping with difficult conversations at work, maintaining boundaries, negotiating pay and learning to say no. Overall I am satisfied with the service. ”

“My Employment Specialist has helped me to become more hopeful of returning to work by encouraging me to see my potential and supporting me in the process ”

“My Employment Specialist has always been very understanding and considerate. He is also very relatable and provides exceptional support. He is an asset to your team and to service users in the Community”

“Amazing communication, lovely people, helpful, understanding.”

“Would recommend service users to get help from Employment Specialist worker if they have mental health and want to seek work”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the process with my Employment Specialist, he has been instrumental to finding my potential and empowering me with compassion to find the self worth and confidence to find a role that really matters to me. ”

“My Employment Specialist has been very kind and patient and respectful of me and my needs. She has helped me to feel more confident about myself and supported in dealing with mental health issues while looking for work”

“My Employment Specialist has been a huge help with my return to work and how work can support me with my mental health”

“Overall, my experience has been quite pleasant here so far, and I am finding the job services to be very beneficial for my next step toward finding new employment.”

“The Employment Specialists that work for the NHS make a very valuable contribution to our local community. I value them very highly. ”

“My Employment Specialist has helped me to become more hopeful of returning to work by encouraging me to see my potential and supporting me in the process ”

“My Employment Specialist was completely supportive in helping me with whatever role I chose which gave me the freedom I needed to make the leap into employment!”

“My Employment Specialist is the most positive, enthusiastic and understanding person who is there to answer any questions or worries I have. He has helped me with my confidence and in reaching my goals. I am very grateful ”

“My Employment Specialist for almost 2 years has changed my outlook on life I am able to have a job and be the best person I can be. ”

“I found the experience to be helpful, during a period of time in which I did struggle with certain situations. Was able to go on to do a course as well which was put forward by my Employment Specialist ”

Nationwide Vacancies

We’d love for you to work for us however if North West London or Milton Keynes isn’t a location that works for you there are plenty of Employment Specialist roles in other parts of England

Information Sessions

We run a number of information days via Zoom.
If you would like to join one of these sessions and learn more about the role, please consider joining one of the upcoming sessions. You can learn more about the role and get the opportunity to ask questions to current Employment Specialists and clients who use/used the IPS service.

Further details on any upcoming information sessions will be available here so please do check back on the website.                                                                                                            

Discover the difference you can make

These stories explore the impact we have made on the lives of people who use our services.

“My Employment Support worker would help me set goals and praise me for my progress. They supported me and would encourage me to keep going.”

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